I got job-blocked by Pops!

Turns out I found out why I got rejected by two of the three companies I applied for. They told me they called one of my references and they got such a bad review, they didn’t want to take a chance on me. Turns out that reference was my dad.

Funny how I sent my resumes on February and they didn’t call them until after we ended up fighting over why I felt my college life was worthless and other issues about my past (some say abusive) childhood in late march…


Thanks, dad!


About Jimmy vs. World!
Man chases his dreams. Life punches his face. Series and blog created by Los Angeles-based animator Sean Rohani

3 Responses to I got job-blocked by Pops!

  1. Lol… is this truly happens?! Sorry with what happens but U write in such humor way! 😀 Thank’s for visiting and greetings new friends 🙂

    • jimmyvsworld says:

      Haha actually a lot worse has happened, but I figure the best thing you can do is laugh about these experiences! Thanks for the fun comment!

      • Oh my… now as U said is truly happens… sorry to hear that! But U’ve strong personality for being able to laugh things like that, I’ll be back to read more than JImmy, thank’s for finding me so I can finding U. Have a good weekend! 🙂

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