Who Wants a Happy Job?!

Here are the top 10 happiest jobs in America according to CareerBliss data!

No. 1 Happiest Job: Real Estate Agent

No. 2 Happiest Job: Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

No. 3 Happiest Job: Senior Sales Representatives

No. 4 Happiest Job: Construction Superintendant

No. 5 Happiest Job: Senior Application Developer

No. 6 Happiest Job: Logistics Manager

No. 7 Happiest Job: Construction Manager

No. 8 Happiest Job: Executive Administrative Assistant

No. 9 Happiest Job: Network Engineer

No. 10 Happiest Job: Assistant Controller


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7 Responses to Who Wants a Happy Job?!

  1. Ughhh. I’m staying retired.

  2. Undead Ahead says:

    You’re kidding? If these are the happiest jobs what are the most depressing? I don’t know if its the pictures that are reppin’ the job position but these jobs seem boring lol. (I hope you’re job isn’t in this list. If so I’m sorry lol)

    • Haha nope my job isn’t on the list. I’m actually with you on this. I’m not too sure how research came up with these jobs, but I figure I’d list them and let others decide for themselves, but I WILL find a list of the most depressing so help me!

  3. lastchance4me says:

    To me a job is happy if you are your own bus and make your own schedule, even if it means working 14 hours a day.

    • lastchance4me says:

      Sorry I meant boss

      • jimmyvsworld says:

        I think you’re certainly touching on some insightful info! If you have any more thoughts, please let us know.

  4. Joe Johnson says:

    Reblogged this on Joe Johnson 515 Congress Avenue.

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