How IKEA Conducts Job Interviews!

Well this would certainly make for an interesting interview! So if the first interview requires installing a chair to sit on, I’m assuming a second interview would require your chair to make it through all questions without falling apart!


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8 Responses to How IKEA Conducts Job Interviews!

  1. TheGirl says:

    I don’t see the picture, maybe something is up with my browser. But I read the caption and it sounds funny! Maybe all Swedish interviews are like that.

    • That’s strange. Sometimes it pops up and sometimes it doesn’t. I appreciate your faith in the funniness of the picture based on the caption but I had to fix the problem so you could see the picture for yourself! Hopefully it works now!

      • TheGirl says:

        OKay, now I see it!!It is funny!

      • I’m glad we were able to fix the situation. I hope it was worth the wait! Haha

      • TheGirl says:

        Yes, it was funny!

  2. Funny. I have put so much of this stuff together I would pass the interview.

    • Hah! In that case maybe you should add your skill to your resume!

      • 🙂

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