A List of Random Jobs Celebrities Had Before Fame!


lion tamer

Brad Pitt – danced in a chicken suit for a fast food restaurant!

Johnny Depp – sold pens by phone.

Christopher Walken – lion tamer at a circus. No joke.

Alec Baldwin – bouncer.

Orlando Bloom – clay trapper at a pigeon shooting range.

Ray Romano – bank teller.

Rod Stewart – grave digger.

Cory Monteith – greeter at Wal-Mart.

Sean Connery – milkman.

Jon Hamm – set designer…. for porn sets! And high school drama teacher

Whoopie Goldberg – put makeup on corpses at a mortuary…

Hugh Jackman – A CLOWN!

Ozzy Osbourne – worked at a slaughterhouse.

Patrick Dempsey – a (successful) juggler.

Harrison Ford – a carpenter.

Danny Devito – cut hair!

Eva Mendes – sold hot dogs at a mall.

Sylvester Stallone – lion tamer. Looks like Christopher Walken’s competition is Rambo…

Amy Adams – hooters girl!

Rick Ross – a corrections officer!

Robin Williams – street mime.

Madonna – a dunkin’ donuts employee!!!!!! WHAT?!

Kanye West – Gap employee!

Matthew McConaughey – cleaned out chicken coops.

Chris Rock – Red Lobster employee!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Where you are now does NOT have to define where you’ll end up. We’re all capable of more!


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11 Responses to A List of Random Jobs Celebrities Had Before Fame!

  1. skywanderer says:

    Imnsho, top celebrities advertising their either real or invented humble past as burger-flippers is merely to preach to the masses that this in fact totally discriminative system allows all the talented and diligent on to the very top, including those from the lowest rank. As we know, it ain’t so. Sadly.

    • I understand what you’re saying. I’m simply trying to demystify perceptions of success as some unattainable magical concept for anyone out there who has goals but lacks the self-belief to see them through. True, there is a discriminative system that often stands in the way not just in Hollywood, but in other fields as well. However, I happen to know first and second-hand that there are still people who have achieved success in an honest manner who years ago would never have guessed that they would ever be successful. Just as it would be wrong for some celebrities to invent humble pasts and preach false examples of hope to the masses merely to promote themselves, it would be equally wrong to state with absoluteness that this is always the case and disregard the few who rose the ranks in an honest manner.

      • skywanderer says:

        Well, then I am the person whom you wanna talk to if you want reality versus the fairy tales. I can testify that if you don’t come form a privileged country and/or privileged circle, and you are single woman from the colonies (in my case from Eastern Europe) you can only choose to be a prostitute to make it to the top, either in the streets or choose a well-connected inbred husband for the purpose – whichever fancy your stomach – not mine.

        As for career? I tell you the facts: I have multiple masters degrees, even more majors I picked up just to fill up the time that I had to spend as someone overqualified for all companies and head hunters, regardless of my many years high level work experience in a leading industry. And I was kind, gentle, positive attitude (you know the blessed ignorant as to what kind of world we live in) I was the best team player you can imagine, co-operative kind, yet independent. My boss in the US literally floored when I solved a major problem within 24 hours that all the incredibly potent, and career-wise celebrity consultants, who call themselves “gurus”, couldn’t crack in a year’s time. Although they were paid $2000 per hour for their continuing failures. Then my stunning achievement went severely punished. Instead of elevating me into heavens of career as the Hollywood sort of fairy tale goes, my boss enlightened me that my talents and diligence made everyone else look bad, which he and the others didn’t appreciate and never failed to kick into me in any way he could.
        I wasn’t a team-player (=collectivist) enough to suppress my individual talents and diligence enough for their sake.

        Whatever values I produced for them, and the worshipped efficiency didn’t matter to the magic invisible hands of marketplace. Nope, what decided on my career, or rather the lack of it, was something fundamentally different, something that the free market utopian-mythologists failed to incorporate into their neat graphs: that humans act according to their worth and most humans are worth exactly as shit multiplied with zero is worth.

        My boss is a case in point. He knew I had to stay alive on whatever alms he tossed me as a “salary”, which he specified as low as $15. In that job I delivered tangible and monetarily quantifiable huge benefits for the company while my Western bred neoliberalised boss and colleagues sexually harassed me, played computer games and watched online porn, while supposedly working in the same job as I did. Another difference, they “worked” – in fact were physically present on site – for at least 100 hundred times higher salary

        And the same neoliberal “fairy tale” went on – with minor variations – both in the US and Europe. So no one can convince me that the opposite is true. Maybe on another planet, not on this one : )

      • Based on the details you have provided me, I can only say two things:

        1. I am deeply sorry these things have happened to you. The amount of unjust, unethical and unapologetically shameful behavior you endured from co-workers is simply disgraceful.

        2. That said, I still believe it would be inaccurate to base your conclusion on one, ten or even a hundred experiences as unethical and horrible as the one you went through.

        My point is simple. There is a lot of unfairness and poor treatment that will never seize to exist, both in and out of the workplace, that make it so easy to be angry and frustrated with humankind. One may never reach their goals and dreams when facing such a steep slope of rejection, mistreatment and denied opportunities. Still, I believe the ONLY way to guarantee that you will never achieve these dreams and goals is to decide to stop taking steps towards them.

      • skywanderer says:

        PS: sorry for the many mistakes and unfinished sentences in my rant. I just had to type out my story and did so really fast.

      • No need to apologize! It’s great that you had the passion and determined conviction to make your point known! Who cares about typos! 🙂

  2. sagedoyle says:

    Love your photoshop of Christopher Walken, that guy probably tamed the lions with his sedate diction lol And Amy Adams, I’m imagining that clearly in my mind.

    • Thanks, and I think you’re onto something! Ha!

      • sagedoyle says:


  3. thanks for the visit. interesting site you have here.

  4. hmmmm….. Shelley Smith – teacher. 🙂

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