Work Inspiration: Jimmy overcomes one of life’s many obstacles


Happy Monday, everyone! Hang in there!


Funny Photo: The Youngest Hustler in the World


Happy Monday!: Best Monday Meme Ever!

I found this and many other photo gems on theĀ the Steymo FB fan page. I strongly encourage you guys to check it out!

Is This Not The Craziest Job Ever?!

I used to think I’ve held some crazy jobs in my day!… until I saw these two co-workers:


Wow. Just. Wow.

This is How You Quit Your Job When You Hate Everything About it!

I hope none of you have a horrible job with a horrible boss and a horribly bleak future. BUT, if you do, why not quit? And if you’re going to quit, why not make a spectacle of it?! Case and point, this guy (the real fun begins 1:50 into the video):

And to all the other Joeys out there with horrible jobs, may you too quit passion!

No jobs out there, you say? Well I say that’s hogwash!

Whoever says there are just no jobs out there CLEARLY hasn’t looked hard enough! Case and point, this guy:


While this job post begs the question of how anyone could ever let their relationship get this out of hand, it also begs the answer “who cares! Sign me up!”


Fun Foto Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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