Work Inspiration: Jimmy overcomes one of life’s many obstacles


Happy Monday, everyone! Hang in there!


Jimmy’s New Year’s E-Card For You

Happy New Year from Jimmy to you!

Happy Monday!: Best Monday Meme Ever!

I found this and many other photo gems on the the Steymo FB fan page. I strongly encourage you guys to check it out!

Is This Not The Craziest Job Ever?!

I used to think I’ve held some crazy jobs in my day!… until I saw these two co-workers:


Wow. Just. Wow.

No jobs out there, you say? Well I say that’s hogwash!

Whoever says there are just no jobs out there CLEARLY hasn’t looked hard enough! Case and point, this guy:


While this job post begs the question of how anyone could ever let their relationship get this out of hand, it also begs the answer “who cares! Sign me up!”


How IKEA Conducts Job Interviews!

Well this would certainly make for an interesting interview! So if the first interview requires installing a chair to sit on, I’m assuming a second interview would require your chair to make it through all questions without falling apart!

Part 1: How to Get Fired at Work!

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to land the job of your dreams. Well, in a refreshing turn of events, here is how to LOSE the job of your nightmares!



If you had a bad work day, remember, it could always be worse!

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