What you wish you’d known before your job interview!


JvW Episode 3: Jimmy vs Interviewer!

Jimmy lands an interview! Watch how it goes…

Thanks for watching! Share if you or someone you know can relate!

Episode 4: Jimmy vs Job?? coming soon…

How IKEA Conducts Job Interviews!

Well this would certainly make for an interesting interview! So if the first interview requires installing a chair to sit on, I’m assuming a second interview would require your chair to make it through all questions without falling apart!

Real Life: Worst Job Interviews Caught on Tape!

When hunting for jobs, if the going gets tough and you feel overwhelmed by competition, it helps to know that these might be the people you’ll compete against next… Enjoy!

This Is What’s Wrong With The Job World

I just spent the last 3 months applying to 100+ jobs for the opportunity to work for increasingly horrible companies under neanderthals with less skills than me, less experience than me, and less respect than me.  The closest I’ve gotten to landing a job was receiving a highly underpaying offer from a man who spent most of his time interviewing me staring at my breasts.  The saddest part is I almost took that job.  Here’s to self-deprecation!


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