Fun Foto Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Today’s Hiring Process According to HR (hint: Social Media is key!)

Moral of the story: Those of you on Facebook who thought mom and dad raiding your profile page was the most of your worries might want to think again!




Welcome Back, Friday!

Have a fantastic weekend, folks!

How IKEA Conducts Job Interviews!

Well this would certainly make for an interesting interview! So if the first interview requires installing a chair to sit on, I’m assuming a second interview would require your chair to make it through all questions without falling apart!

JvW Episode 2: Jimmy vs Application!

Watch Jimmy as he takes on an online application!

Episode 3: Jimmy vs Interviewer! coming soon…

Three Simple Rules in Life


Stay thirsty, my friends


JvW Episode 1: Jimmy vs Receptionist!

Series Premiere: Jimmy vs Receptionist!

Hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave thoughts!

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