Tip Tuesday: Simple Desk Exercises That Help Prevent Long-Term Pains

Here are a few easy exercises you can do to help prevent long-term pains caused by sitting at a desk for long hours. I just did them!



Daily Dose of Inspiration: Your Journey

JvW Episode 2: Jimmy vs Application!

Watch Jimmy as he takes on an online application!

Episode 3: Jimmy vs Interviewer! coming soon…

Motivation Made Easy

Stay thirsty, my friends



Part 1: How to Get Fired at Work!

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to land the job of your dreams. Well, in a refreshing turn of events, here is how to LOSE the job of your nightmares!



If you had a bad work day, remember, it could always be worse!

JvW Episode 1: Jimmy vs Receptionist!

Series Premiere: Jimmy vs Receptionist!

Hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave thoughts!

Who Wants a Happy Job?!

Here are the top 10 happiest jobs in America according to CareerBliss data!

No. 1 Happiest Job: Real Estate Agent

No. 2 Happiest Job: Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

No. 3 Happiest Job: Senior Sales Representatives

No. 4 Happiest Job: Construction Superintendant

No. 5 Happiest Job: Senior Application Developer

No. 6 Happiest Job: Logistics Manager

No. 7 Happiest Job: Construction Manager

No. 8 Happiest Job: Executive Administrative Assistant

No. 9 Happiest Job: Network Engineer

No. 10 Happiest Job: Assistant Controller

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