How to Create a Social Media Brand Voice

Whether you want to create a full-fledged brand or simply learn to be a more effective communicator, here are four key elements you need to understand:

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Tip Tuesday: Simple Desk Exercises That Help Prevent Long-Term Pains

Here are a few easy exercises you can do to help prevent long-term pains caused by sitting at a desk for long hours. I just did them!


How to Know When it’s Time to Change Careers

This could be you (but please pick up your trash afterwards)!

The worst place to be in work (as well as most walks of life) is stuck— that is of course unless you use your undeniably clever brain to trick being stuck into helping you be awesome.

Solution: Aaron P. Arnold’s 90-Day Rule
Here’s how the 90-day rule works: If you’re unhappy at work for 90 consecutive days (long enough to make sure you’re honestly trying to conquer your job’s challenges but short enough to prevent you from living a lifetime of regret), then it is time to make a move.
After 90 days, here are a few key steps to follow
  1. Muster your courage — the time is now. Ninety days have passed. Why waste another minute, hour, or day in the situation that’s making you unhappy? Muster up the courage or faith you need, and begin to plot your next move ASAP. For example, I realized it was time to pivot when I no longer cared about a job that was paying me good money. And the disdain I had for going to work everyday made me sick…literally. Stress and unhappiness does indeed kill the mind, body and soul.
  2. Put bills and money aside. You must determine what makes you truly happy. Ask yourself, “If I had no monetary responsibilities, what would I do for FREE?” It might be clichéd, but this is the most honest way to figure out your true passion. Once you have determined what that is, settle on the path you need to take to get there and pull the trigger (i.e, execute).  Remember, there’s never a “perfect” time. Just do it.
  3. It’s OK to be the underdog. Once you’ve made your choice, don’t expect the heavens to open up so that amazing opportunities just drop into your lap without the groundwork being laid first. Be persistent, but exercise patience — never lose faith. The world may seem against you; people from afar and people closest to you may discourage or even doubt you. However, this generally means that your next move is not just good, but great. People often fear what they won’t do or do not understand.
  4. Trust your body, mind and heart. Much like those wilderness guys you see on TV in extreme situations, you too must use your survival instincts in this new environment. Trust in yourself, trust your heart as you maneuver, and enjoy the ride.
  5. Teamwork makes your dream work. Yes, it is a cliché, but the simplicity of it holds much power. Build your network of support.  Put people around you (mentors, mentees and colleagues) and create a “mastermind” group or support network. This group will be integral to your survival and success as you pivot.

Want Work But Can’t Get It? Here Are 4 Ways to Avoid Everyone Else’s Mistakes!

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1. Stop Sending Out Resumes!
“I don’t even let my clients look online for jobs,” says Myers. Why? The results, more often than not, are negative. “Getting no responses can be depressing,” Myers adds. Your move: Face-to-face introductions—it’s hard to be ignored in person. Start with your buddy who’s had it together since the womb. Tell him you’re exploring new opportunities and ask if he can help.

2. Spend Your Time Wisely

Hang around with people who are going places, take advantage of career coaches, or

websites like Pencil in webinars, seminars, and speaking events. The more you learn, the more opportunities you’ll be open to. “Don’t try to do it by yourself—the job search can be isolating. You can feel like you’re the only person not headed to work Monday morning.”

3. Hit the Gym
Interviewers want to see urgency and energy—so don’t let not having a job suck the vitality out of your life. Maintain your energy in the gym. It’ll show throughout your life, Myers adds. It doesn’t have to take all day either—arecent study in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology found that just 15 minutes of exercise boosts feelings of happiness and pride. If you need a kick, click here for the Simplest Workout Motivation Tip Ever!

4. Tune Out the News
Let’s be real: drowning in reports on the economy and the unemployment rate isn’t helping your mood. “When I’m working with clients, I talk to them about carefully monitoring what they allow into their eyes and ears,” Myers says. When it comes to TV and newspapers, focus on specific job segments on television programs, or use the news as a platform to learn about something new.

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